What is CCspace?

CCspace is an open access digital repository which preserves and showcases a curated selection of the scholarly and creative output of members of the Camosun community and items related to the history and culture of the College. CCspace is a proud member of Arca, a province-wide consortia supporting the development and implementation of digital repositories at BC post-secondary institutions.

What can I find in CCspace?

Content is being added to CCspace on an on-going basis. Currently our collections include: 

  • College Publications
  • Researcher Scholarship
  • Art at Camosun
  • Historical Photographs

Why contribute to CCspace?

  • Depositing scholarly and creative works into CCspace presents creators' works as part of the Camosun College community of expertise. 
  • Works preserved in the CCspace repository are provided with increased discoverability. Internet search engines (such as Google, Google Scholar, Bing, Yahoo) crawl and index digital repositories regularly, making it easier for researchers, students, and community members from around the globe to connect with your work.
  • Contributing to CCspace can help researchers fulfill the Tri-Agency (SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC) requirement of making peer-reviewed journal articles produced from grant-funded research open access. 
  • Permanent URLs are provided for each item included in CCspace. As a consequence, contributors can link to their work on webpages, resumes/cvs, online portfolios, and other materials without worrying that their online content will move or disappear.

How can I get my content into CCspace?

Camosun College Library accepts submissions from members of the Camosun community. Please contact the CCspace administrators if you are interested in making your work available through the repository. 

Is all the content in Arca visible to the public?

Arca is primarily intended to be an open access repository. Camosun College's CCspace digital repository provides as much open access information as possible. In order to protect the rights of creators, some images from the Camosun College Art Collection will remain restricted to the public until the appropriate permissions are secured.